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So you’ve decided to take the plunge into your first kitchen and/or bath remodel. First off, congrats! Zero spaces in your home that you plan on remolding ever actually get remolded until you take the first crucial planning steps. For most homeowners, designing a whole new kitchen or bathroom space is exciting and equally intimidating. That’s why we’re here for you. We hope this article will help prepare, ease any tensions and encourage you beforehand.

Setting Goals

Prior to scheduling an online appointment, or simply walking in one of our showroom locations, it’s encouraged that you and any significant others establish and set some goals. Whether you’re building or remodeling think about obstacles/issues have you faced in previous floor plans. Consider the present- like functionality. Plan for the future- such as your home’s resale value in your design choices and amenities. Your designer will ask you questions about products we stock, or can order, to help get an understanding and match your style and functionality needs. At the consultation, our goal is to determine specifics based on the given layout of your space. The more informed you are in these initial discussions, the smoother the remodel process will go, and the sooner we can iron out your remodel and begin getting you to the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams!

Get it Down on Paper

Whether you’re a walk-in or you schedule an appointment ahead of time, we’ve compiled a ProAvitve Planning Guide you can bring with you for the first discussion with one of our designers. This includes a check list of kitchen and bath items you looking to install or replace, and can server as a reminder of items you may have not considered or overlooked. This also include a printable piece of graph paper. Each square represents a single square foot (sq. ft.). Now don’t worry- you don’t have to be an architect here, and this is optional for the teacher’s pets seeking extra credit! If you choose to show us a drawing simply measure the length and with of the room and mark and windows and doors. It is also encouraged to measure existing tubs, vanities, or other items that may have space limitation. Of course if you have original blueprints this is the best option.

You’re A+ Drawing!

Gather Ideas, Go Wild Here

You’ve set a few goals towards the style and function of your kitchen or bath space, and you’ve put pencil to paper with a checklist of fixtures and products. You may have also took down some rough measurements, and maybe drew us a picture of you space (you get a gold star). So far you’re on fire here, and the fun part begins! Grab and utilize magazines and go online to create your own design board of ideas. Pinterest is also an excellent tool for organizing design boards. You can also reference our gallery for inspiration. Money is no object here- you’re just simply weaving a visual design web together. Now try to condense it all down to a few core ideas/styles you’d like your new space to embody. This will give of the essence of what you’re looking to achieve so we can help you realize the rest. If you have absolutely now idea what you’re looking for, or feel overwhelmed by too many competing ideas then please SKIP THIS STEP! This is what our showrooms are for anyhow.

Setting a Budget

You’ve developed your design style, and are getting a glimpse of how different products will meet your needs. It’s time to determine a reasonable budget, and keep in mind; this won’t be an exact figure but more of a target. Every home remodel is different and total costs can range widely. Active’s design team will combine your vison and budget- exceeding your expectations.

Schedule or Walk In

Whether you’re prepared or not quite sure, we’re ready to meet you wherever you are in the process. You can schedule an appointment anytime or simply walk in. If you have a contactor, great! Otherwise we can provide a list of preferred contractors or builders in the area. Please bring any significant others that needs to be here for the consolation too- it’s hard to make good decisions without your better-half (my wife)! We can’t wait to meet you and Activate your imagination!

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